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Rear Flex Line Kits

Rear Flex Line Kits

These Dual Rear Flex Line Kits are assembled with (2) Stainless Braided Teflon Lined Hoses, Tabs, Clips & adapter fittings to 3/16" Female inverted flare. You will have to add necessary Banjo Bolts, disc. fittings or wheel cylinder fittings to complete kit. These kits are designed so you can drop a individual flex line to each wheel.  Flex line can be made different lengths along with adapters to 1/4" female inverted flare are also available.

 P/N           2580           Late GM disc & Explorer Disc. 10mm Banjo
P/N           2590           Early GM disc, Must. II & Chrysler disc    7/16 Banjo
P/N           2600           Wilwood disc. & Drum Brakes

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