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Performance Plumbing FAQ

Listed below are some of the most commmonly asked Questions. If you do not see the answer for your question, please give our Tech Line a call @ 928-505-8355

1. What is the difference between 45 degree and AN 37 degree?

Answer:  45 degree is a double flare with a Male threaded nut, that has been used in the automobile industry for over 80 years.  37 degree is a single flare that covers 80% of the nose of the fitting and uses a sleeve and Female threaded nut, this flare has been used by the military and commercial industry since WWII.

2. Why do you use 45 degree flares?

Answer:  You use a 45 degree double flare when there is a Female Port like using brass fittings or connecting to wheel cylinder, master cylinders etc. Remember that the double flare gives strength to the flare as well as extension to the flare to seal correctly.

3. When do you use 37 degree flares?

Answer: Whenever you use AN fittings, you need to use a 37 degree single flare with a sleeve and a female threaded nut. This flare needs to cover atleast 80% of the nose of the fitting to seal correctly.

4. What causes  brake pressure switches to fail?

Answer:  The two causes for pressure switch failures are  (A) Silicone brake fluid  (B) Halogen brake lights

5. How do I find fittings to fit my Mustang rack?

Answer:  You will need to call us, because with Ford it requires that we identify the year of the rack to determine the thread size of the rack. We offer AN straight adapters look in the Power Steering Folder.

6.  How do I know what disc. brake caliper I have?

Answer:  This is very important, do not believe what you think is true. There are to many manufactures. Look at the Caliper for manufacture stamp, or identify the thread size that the brake hose screws into. Measure the difference between the caliper bolts that hold it to the spindle, this is the info we need to give you the correct hoses for you project.

7. What type of hose should I use for my fuel system?

Answer:  Since the fuel additives in regular gasoline are so bad, they will rot out regular rubber fuel hoses in 2 to 3 years. We recommend using Steel or Stainless Steel tubing first , than use Teflon lined hose, or a plastic liner hose for the flexlines, like the factories have been doing for years.

8. Should I use Silicone brake fluid?

Answer:  Silicone brake fluid is great for show cars, and driving to local cruise nights. If you are building a serious driver you need to be aware, Silicone fluid has a tendency of developing air in the system under heavy braking, making the pedal spongy feeling, in elevation above 6,000 feet there have been reported incidents where people have no brakes at all.

9. What port on the Box or Rack is pressure?

Answer:  On Ford products the small port is the pressure side, on GM products the large port is pressure side.

10. How do I remove the anodizing from aluminum fittings?

Answer:  For large quantities you can use Original formula Easy Off Oven cleaner, follow the directions on the can, Do Not change the procedure. It may take a couple of times to finish the job.  On 1 or 2 fittings at a time use a product called Whinks, sold in hardware stores and Walmarts where they sell toilet cleaning supplies, this product is caustic, use a glass or metal cup and hang the fitting on a wire and watch it as you work up and down, you will see the color come off the fitting, DO NOT walk away and leave fitting in solution.

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