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GM LS Engine Fuel Line Kit

From Pure Choice Motorsports

GM LS Engine Fuel Line Kit by PURE Choice Motorsports. This kit removes the problem of rubber hoses deteriorating with Ethanol fuel and additives in 2-3 years. Why buy a kit that you will have to replace in a few years when you can have a kit that lasts for a long time with PTFE as long as it is installed as instructed. (upgrade)

P/N 6050                        $299.99

This kit includes the following

25 feet of PTFE Stainless Braided hose

6 -6 straight reusable hose ends

2 -6 AN x 1/4" npt male

1- 5835 fuel filter / regulator fittings reusable

1- 33737 Filter / regulator

2- 5810 fuel rail fittings reusable

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