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LT-I Conversion Fuel line kit

From Pure Choice Motorsports

This kit is assembled to adapt a LT-1 engine to the stock hard lines with Inverted flare or metric bump o'ring connections on the end of the tubes under the firewall. Consists of Push Loc fittings with -6 AN male that snap onto the stock LT-1 fuel rail, 2 --6 PTFE stainless braided hoses with -6 AN female nuts and -6 AN male to Inverted flare, metric bump o'ring fittings or Push-loc connections at hard line on frame...Prices start @ $134.95 per set. Also available for Late model with 90" flex lines, or any custom length of hoses..

Early  LT-1
P/N     6040    Inverted Flare w/ 48"
P/N     6041    Metric bump o'ring w/ 48"
P/N     6042    Push-loc connections w/ 72"

Later LT-1 or LS-1
P/N    6043    Push-loc connections w/ 90"
P/N    6044    Metric bump o'ring w/ 90"

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