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GM Flow Control Valve

From Pure Choice Motorsports

If you have real sensitive or twitchy steering which allows your car to change lanes by itself, this is for you. These fittings were designed by PURE Choice Motorsports to be used when using a GM power steering pump with a Mustang / T bird or any Ford power rack. These fittings reduce the volume of fluid from 3.1 gallons to 2.1 gallons per minute. There are 2 sizes of valves, on Early and Late pumps with metal reservoir use 1" hex valves, on TY II pump with plastic or remote reservoir use 7/8" Hex valves..The following fittings are for late model GM power steering pumps with metric female threads for pressure hose connection, with reservoir and remote style Type II pumps.

P/N           11756        P style pump 1" hex                        Discontinued

P/N           11757        Type II  remote pump 7/8" hex       $17.95 

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