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High Flow Fittings

From Pure Choice Motorsports

These Aluminum  fittings were designed bu PURE Choice Motorsports for Drag Racing, Nascar and Bonneville to offer High Flow Rates for Oil System using external oil pump, and for use in High Flow Fuel Systems. They are designed with various AN sizes to O'ring applications, they have smaller hex sizes and longer extension for clearances in close areas where it is difficult to route the hoses. The I.D of these fittings are specially honed for reduced turbulances,and they are Hard Anodized Black.

P/N          FP-08              -8 AN to 3/4-16 Thd. O'ring

P/N          FP-10             -10 AN to 7/8-14 Thd. O'ring

P/N          FP-10-08       -10 AN to 3/4-16 Thd. O'ring

P/N          FP-12             -12 AN to 1 1/6-12  Thd. O'ring

P/N          FP-12-10       -12 AN to 7/8-14 Thd. O'ring 

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