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Lt & LS Dual Flex Line Kits

From Pure Choice Motorsports

These kits are assembled with the necessary components to allow the customer to install a complete PTFE flex lines from the injection rail to the hard lines on the frame or body. we convert everything to a -6 AN which is equal to 3/8".Listed below you will se the various connections available.

LT / LS Dual 30" Flex Line Kit

P/N    6000          stock rail to -6 AN
P/N    6005          stock rail to 14 & 16 mm nuts
P/N    6010          stock rail to 5/16 & 3/8 flare tubing
P/N    6012          stock rail to push connect same as rail
P/N    6015          stock rail to compression
P/N    6040          LT / 95 Cam / F-bird to stock lines 48"
P/N    6045          Ram Jet Kit

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