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Holley Dual Feed Fuel Line Kits -6 AN

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Holley Dual Feed Fuel Line Kits -6 AN

These -6 AN kits were designed for the fuel line to clear the choke and throttle shafts on the Holley Dual feed Feed Carburetors. Our kits offer Stainless Braided Teflon Hose between the bowls instead of dual neopreme or rubber lined hose, also we use stainless collars on our crimped ends. Also available with 3/8" stainless steel tubing between the bowls as special order.

Dual Feed Kits

P/N     5440              model    4160  ( blue)  -6 AN
P/N     5440-C          model    4160  ( clear )  -6 AN
P/N     5440-T          model     4160  tube  ( clear ) -6 AN   spec. order
P/N     5450              model    4150    ( blue )  -6 AN
P/N     5450-C         model     4150   ( clear )  -6 AN
P/N     5450-T          model    4150  tube   ( clear )  -6 AN  spec. order

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