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AeroQuip Air Conditioning Hose Ends Reuseable

From AeroQuip

These Hose Ends were Designed by Eaton AeroQuip for the Air Conditioning Application, the design allow the customer to reuse the hose ends by changing the brass sleeve insert, they are Nickle plated steel, with flourcarbon o'rings for 134 A freon. they come with Charge Ports on various angles,

Straight Hose Ends

P/N      FBE1712      -6
P/N      FBE1713      -8
P/N      FBE1714     -10

45 Degree Hose Ends

P/N      FBE1722      -6
P/N      FBE1723      -8
P/N      FBE1724     -10

90 Degree Hose Ends

P/N      FBE1732       -6
P/N      FBE1733       -8
P/N      FBE1734      -10

135 Degree Hose Ends

P/N     FBE1793        -8
P/N     FBE1794       -10

Straight Hose Ends W/ Charge Port

P/N     FBE1812        -6
P/N     FBE1813        -8
P/N     FBE1814       -10

90 Degree Hose End W/ Charge Port

P/N     FBE1832       -6
P/N     FBE1833       -8
P/N     FBE1834      -10

135 Degree Hose End W/ Charge Port

P/N     FBE1893       -8
P/N     FBE1894      -10

Straight Hose To Hose End W/ Charge Port

P/N     FBE1912       -6
P/N     FBE1913       -8
P/N     FBE1914      -10

Replacement Brass Sleeve     ( Ouanitity  6 pc)

P/N     FCM2430       -6
P/N     FCM2431       -8
P/N     FCM2432      -10

Replacement O'rings    ( Quantity   6 pc )

P/N     FCM3416        -6
P/N     FCM3417        -8
P/N     FCM3418       -10

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