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Stainless Braided Air Conditioning Hose

From AeroQuip

This hose was developed by AeroQuip specifically for the Air Conditioning market, this new and innovative product offers a superior hose and fitting combination for A/C component application. Stainless outer braid with a Nylon inner tube for superior refrigerant performance.

Air Condition Hose Bulk ( sold per foot )

P/N          FBF0600           -6        Bulk
P/N          FBF0800           -8        Bulk
P/N          FBF1000         -10        Bulk

 Air Condition Hose  Cut to Length

P/N          FCF0603            -6        3 feet
P/N          FCF0606            -6        6 feet
P/N          FCF0609            -6        9 feet
P/N          FCF0803            -8        3 feet
P/N          FCF0806            -8        6 feet
P/N          FCF0809            -8        9 feet
P/N          FCF1003          -10        3 feet
P/N          FCF1006          -10        6 feet
P/N          FCF1009          -10        9 feet

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