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Power Steering Hose kits

From Pure Choice Motorsports

These Power Steering Hose Kits are assembled Complete with PTFE hose and fittings for various applications, that require the use of various components from  Chrysler,  Ford and General Motors, Due to never ending use of rebuilt components that may have thread changes compared to original, always call to talk to a technician to confirm you are getting the correct fittings for you application.  We also offer remote reservoir kits. If you do not see your application please call to see if we can help you.

Kits start @ $ 129.95

Pump to Rack
P/N         11900        Early GM pump / Early Must. rack
P/N         11902        Early GM pump / Late Must. rack
P/N         11904        Late GM pump w/ metal resv./ Early Must rack
P/N         11906        Late GM pump w/ metal resv. / Late Must. resv.
P/N         11908        Late GM pump w/ plastic resv./ Early Must resv.
P/N         11910        Late GM pump w/ plastic resv./ Late Must rack
P/N         11912        P/S Kit  Pump to Rack   special
P/N         11940       Early / Late GM pump to Late Must./T-bird Rack

Pump to Box
P/N         11920        Early GM pump to Early GM box
P/N         11922        Early GM pump to Late GM box
P/N         11924        Late GM pump w/ metal resv./ Early GM box
P/N         11926        Late GM pump  w/ metal resv./ Late GM box
P/N         11928        Late GM pump w/ plastic resv./ Early GM box
P/N         11930        Late GM pump w/ plastic resv./ Late GM box
P/N         11932        P/S Kit  Pump to Box   special

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