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Hydroboost Fittings

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Hydroboost  Fittings

These steel fittings were designed by PURE Choice Motorsports for this application to allow clearance and direction of hoses, From sealing surface to top of banjo Bolt is .890.... less than 1 inch.  ( use of Banjos required a machine like surface about .120 wide to seal correctly.)



P/N       11840          Banjo 16m bolt to -6 AN male               $ 24.95
P/N       11850          Banjo 18m bolt to -6 AN male               $ 24.95
P/N       11855          Str. 5/16-24 male to -6 AN male            $12.95

Complete Set

P/N        11895        All 3 pieces                 $ 59.95

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