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Power Steering Rack Fittings

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Power Steering Rack Fittings

These steel fittings with -6 AN were designed to fit various manufactured racks on the market. Since there are many remanufactured racks being used, which have been rethreaded, This does require close evaluation by customer as to diameter and thread count.

Sizes Available
P/N        11720         16m O'ring to -6 AN male
P/N        11730         18m O'ring to -6 AN male
P/N        11740         5/8-18 inv to -6 AN male
P/N        11750         11/16-18 inv. to -6 AN male
P/N        11760         1/2-20 inv. to -6 AN male
P/N        11770         14m O'ring to -6 AN male


P/N        11775          Early Mustang   1/2 & 5/8  Inverted
P/N        11780          Late Mustang & T-bird  14m & 16m O'ring w/ centered pressure hole
P/N        11785          Late Mustang & T-bird   1979 to 2004  with 14m & 16m
P/N        11735          GM power rack with 16m & 18m O'ring

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