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Speed Bleeders

From Pure Choice Motorsports

These Patented bleeder screws are manufactured by Speed Bleeder from steel and designed with a built in one way check valve, Ask about our Bleeder bag and reuseable silicone bleeder hose.

Unit price is $7.00 each

Also available in Stainless Steel see Stainless Steel Bleeder Screws


P/N     SB1428        1/4 X 28 thd.  1.00 lg.
P/N     SB51624      5/16 X 24 thd.  1.04 lg.
P/N     SB3824L      3/8 X 24 thd.  1.51 lg.    std hex
P/N     SB3824LL    3/8 X 24 thd.   1.53 lg    long hex
P/N     SB71620      7/16 X 20 thd.  1.27 lg.


P/N     SB6100         6mm X 1.0 thd.  1.13 lg.
P/N     SB7100         7mm X 1.0 thd.  1.33 lg.
P/N     SB7100S      7mm X 1.o thd   1.20 lg.
P/N     SB8100         8mm X 1.0 thd.  1.26 lg.
P/N     SB8125         8mm X 1.25 thd.  1.08 lg.
P/N     SB8125L       8mm X 1.25 thd.  1.26 lg.
P/N     SB8125LL     8mm X 1.25 thd.  1.51 lg.
P/N     SB1010S      10mm X 1.00 thd.  1.29 lg.
P/N     SB1010         10mm X 1.00 thd.  1.37 lg.
P/N     SB10125       10mm X 1.25 thd.  1.28 lg.
P/N     SB1015         10mm X 1.50 thd.  1.28 lg.


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